Early Summer Exhibition ─ 賀門利誓、品川亮、佐々木怜央 ─
Early Summer Exhibition - Toshichika Kamon, Ryo Shinagawa, Leo Sasaki -

染色した小さな生地を貼り合わせ描く賀門利誓、 単純化、抽象化した花などを和紙に描く品川亮、ガラスを使い透明感のある作品を作る佐々木怜央の三人展を開催いたします。

We present a three-artist exhibition featuring works by Toshichika Kamon, who creates the images by pasting and piling a large number of small fragmental pieces of dyed cloth, Ryo Shinagawa, who paints simplified and abstracted flowers and occasionally other motifs on Japanese paper, and Leo Sasaki, who produces works that have a sense of transparency using glass material.

5.25 Fri. - 6.9 Sat.

11:00-19:00 日曜休廊 5.25は21:00まで

11:00-19:00 Closed Sundays

ギャラリー広田美術 / Gallery Hirota Fine Art

賀門利誓《昇鯉》布・染料・パネル 41×100cm